How we start.

Once upon a time, we met freshman year at UC Davis, both have a double major in Art Studio. We met, and our passion in photography has sprouted and have been growing ever since.

Ipomoea (pronounced ip-uh-mee-uh) is any plant of flower of the genus Ipomoea, such as morning-glory and sweet potato.

Her name is Betty

Betty is a cat lover, by which, her talent is resemble to a cat's vision. She recognize every small details that many would over look. Being that, she is able to capture the small moments on films. The small moments that are heartfelt, honest and adoring.

His name is Manyip

At school, Man Yip studied design, architecture. Being a design student, he has a technical vision to conceptualize everything from the big picture to the small details of life. His ability of quick decision making means all your sweet candid moments are captured on film.

We are your photographer and cinematographer

Ipomoea films blends contemporary aesthetics with a love story of the bride and groom. Our approach is to capture your wedding moments with an imaginative and stylish perspective. For every wedding, we use our skills, knowledge of camera equipments and creativity to capture the essence and elegance of your wedding day.

The art of films is something special in the right hands, a creation that is timeless and heartfelt. It means a great deal to us that you're considering Ipomoea films and we thank you for recognizing our passion in photography and film making.

We will go as far as the world can go.

We are located in Davis, CA. We provide services through out Bay Area, Sacramento Valley and Napa Valley. We also welcome destination wedding. Our passion is to capture your love story to be cherish for a lifetime. We create personalized and hand crafted films for each of our clients. Look around and see what sparks your inspiration.

We would love to hear about your wedding plan. Let's grab a cup of coffee together and tell us your love story!
Ipomoea Films is based in Bay Area, California. We also welcome destination weddings and travel worldwide.

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